Organic cosmetics

Amapola Bio-cosmetics, is a company founded by the pharmacist Ana Isabel de Andrés, who decided to bet on an innovative business model, with truly sustainable values and strictly based on nature. In addition, they take into account that the ingredients are from nearby producers, regularly visiting their crops to verify their quality and way of working, thus generating a relationship of mutual trust. Organic natural cosmetics to take care of what you love most. 100% chemical free with no parabens.

«Dress your skin with plants, vegetable oils, essential oils and strip your cosmetics of toxic chemicals and unnecessary plastics. This way you will contribute to improving your health and that of the planet.”

Green Flash, the first clean gel polish that can be removed like normal nail polish! Made in France with love ,it is formulated without toxic ingredients and made with ingredients of biological origin such as potatoes, cassava, cotton and sugar cane. Nothing is too good for your nails! Green Flash dries instantly and offers shine and staying power guaranteed for up to 10 days . This revolutionary enamel can be remove in just 2 minutes with a mild, non-acetone nail polish remover. No more damaged nails caused by traditional gel nails! Changing colors has never been so easy. Welcome to the Green Revolution.

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