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Curative pedicure


It is specially designed to fix foot health problems such as ingrown nails, mycosis, tyloma, cracked heels or calluses.

If these imperfections are not resolved, they can worsen and lead to more serious situations.


Gel nails


It is an elongation for nails created from a gel molded on the natural nail. You get different and perfect designs.


Gel filling


A gel layer is applied to the natural nail to protect and harden it. It can also be applied to protect an impact-damaged nail.


Semi-permanent nail polish:


This type of glaze is more resistant than normal glazing and can last up to three weeks. In Dala we have traditional and also organic semi-permanent nail polish that has 84% of ingredients of natural and biological origin, is a vegan product and cruelty free.

In addition, unlike traditional semi-permanent nail polish you can remove it directly in your home because it is removed as a normal nail polish.


Nail Art


In our center you can choose how to decorate and customize your nails.

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