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Eyebrows play a fundamental role in the appearance of the face. Micropigmentation is an aesthetic treatment whose objective is to correct, beautify and balance your eyebrows semi-permanently. We make a previous design showing how the final result will be and together we choose the most appropriate tone, We´ll explain you the technique that  we’will use and only then we will proceed to the execution of the work.
The treatment consists of two sessions, between the first and the second session must pass minimum 1 month and maximum 6 weeks. Treatment lasts 1 year. Then a touch-up is advised.
It is advisable to make a consultation, during which the allergy test will be performed. The consultation is free.




Can you imagine getting out of bed and having lips outlined and with a beautiful color? Lips micropigmentation is used to balance small asymmetries, redesign the contour and restore the color, helping to keep a juicy lips.
It is a perfect solution to show beautiful lips at any time, and without having to use lipsticks.




Raise your hand if you have not spent half an hour in front of the mirror trying to make a straight line and then erase everything.
With this treatment you will always wear a perfect eyeline every day. We use the best techniques to perform this treatment without pain and with maximum safety.
It is a semi-permanent makeup technique through which pigments are deposited on the eyelid, recreating the eyeliner or even a shading.


Dala Beauty Salon - Centro de Estética en Marina Santa Eulalia|Micropigmentation
Dala Beauty Salon - Centro de Estética en Marina Santa Eulalia|Micropigmentation
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