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At Dala we are specialized in massages. With the following selection that we offer you, you will be able to achieve the well-being that you need.

Deep Tissue:

This type of massage consists of applying friction, pressure, vibration, percussion and relaxation maneuvers to the muscles of the body, mainly in the limbs and back. To do this, first the massage is applied extensively throughout the body until, after relaxing it, the sources of greatest tension begin to be located in order to dismantle them.


They help reduce back and headache pain.

They help relax the muscles and release the tension that accumulates in them. It helps us release the pain that accumulates in the head and back due to tension causes.

It lowers our stress levels.

It favors a state of deep tranquility, since it causes the levels of the hormone “cortisol” to decrease, which is secreted in large quantities in stressful situations. Therefore stops fatigue and anguish

Reduces blood pressure and improves circulation.

Foot reflexology:

This massage helps to end tension, relieve pain, reduce stress and, above all, restore the general balance of the body.

The delicate and repetitive step of the fingers on the arch of the foot promotes muscle relaxation.

Mum to be:

After overcoming the first trimester of pregnancy, pregnant women can resort to massages. It consists of a treatment to relax and relieve tension, but also an effective method of mitigating the pain and the effects of some of the most common ailments of pregnancy.

Head and neck:

It is carried out in the neck area. This will reduce the tension in the cervical area, shoulders, skull and facial muscle. It is carried out with various frictions and small pressures in the occipital, skull, temporal and facial areas.

It is important to point out that all the tension that is lodged in the neck and shoulders leads to muscular discomfort and headaches. They can cause dizziness, and also affect mood. It is responsible for working the focal points where stress and tension develop. With this, you will be able to stimulate blood irrigation in order to also relieve visual fatigue and mental fatigue caused by various factors.

Lymphatic drainage:

It is a type of massage, soft and light, that is applied to the circulatory system and whose objective is to mobilize the liquids of the organism to favor the elimination of the waste substances that accumulate in the liquid that occupies the space between the cells. Hence, one of the main applications of lymphatic drainage is in fluid retention, although in aesthetic medicine it is also used in the treatment of cellulite, circulation problems, tired legs, healing processes, acne, edema, etc.


It has the objective of activating the blood and lymphatic irrigation to favor cellular exchange. With this technique we mobilize body fluids and favor the elimination of toxins since they reach the organs and ganglia responsible for suppressing them.

Hot stones:

They are applied to specific areas of the body, such as the spine, chest, stomach, face, palms of the hands and feet.

They relieve muscle pain. They reduce stress and anxiety levels. They provide greater joint flexibility. They improve the quality of sleep. They have aesthetic effects.


It consists of a series of fluctuations between fast and slow movements to improve the deeper circulation of the face, neck, shoulders and upper chest.

It relaxes the muscles of the face, improves circulation in the area, reduces expression lines, tones muscles and relieves tension, which contributes to a rejuvenated and fresh appearance.

Wood therapy:

It consists of performing massage using wooden instruments that adapt to the anatomy of the body.

It is more than a massage, it is a holistic technique capable of stimulating and balancing energy, reducing stress levels and improving muscle and joint pain.

On an aesthetic level, wood therapy reaffirms and tones the body, reduces localized fat, combats cellulite while stimulating circulation and improving drainage and fluid retention.

Ayurvedic Pindas:


Dala massage:


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